Why is Easter celebrated so late this year?

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Easter Sunday, which commemorates the end of the six week period of Lent, celebrates the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. However, since the date of when we celebrate the religious holiday depends on the lunar cycle as it changes every year. Generally, the first Sunday after the full moon following the spring equinox is considered to be Easter Sunday. It is not the astronomical full moon but the ecclesiastical moon which is determined by the church. The Gregorian Calendar is the standard international calendar used. It regulates the ceremonial cycle of the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches. The current Gregorian ecclesiastical rules that determine the date of Easter trace back to 325 A.D.

Hope this answers some of your questions about how Easter Sunday is determined each year. The Easter bunny is a sign of spring and fertility and children enjoy receiving them as gifts each year. However, as we all know it, it is not a part of the biblical resurrection story. Enjoy your Easter celebration!

Praise You Jesus for Easter Sunday when You rose from the dead! We celebrate Your resurrection every Sunday throughout the year. Amen!


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