Praise Him in the Dance


For classical music lovers its always wonderful going to see a performance. For those who love ballet they get a double bonus. Every few Christmas seasons I enjoy going to see the Nutcracker Ballet. It is classic and beautiful. Through the years I’ve gained an appreciation for ballet as my daughter took lessons for eight years since she was four and was part of each year’s recitals. Ballet dancers work very hard during the year to be able to bring about a most lovely and exquisite ballet to the eager and enthusiastic audience. These dedicated dancers can inspire us to work hard at what we do each day…listening to the classical music they dance to is inspiring. If you haven’t yet been to a ballet try going to one of the many classical ballets. Check out the theaters on the websites and see what dates and times are best for you. You will enjoy listening to the live orchestra, the colorful ballet costumes and graceful dancers…it’s an occasional treat you owe yourself.

Lord, Thank You for the beautiful arts in ballet and classical music with the skills and creativity You’ve provided these talented graceful dancers and wonderful musicians in the orchestra. Amen.

“Let them praise His name with the dance.” – Psalms 149:3


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