Daughter of the King

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If Jesus is your Savior and Lord then God is your Heavenly Father and you are the Daughter of the King…

The royal daughter is all glorious within the palace; her clothing is woven with gold. Psalm 45:13

Stay connected to your King through prayer and reading the holy Scriptures each day…see God at work in your life and what He is trying to show you, teach you and accomplish through you…ask Jesus to guide you with His guiding light each day…become the woman God created you to be…believe…you are chosen in Him…know He is with you…

Prayer: Jesus, help me in my everyday to think and trust in You each day and for all my days… for You are my Maker, my Savior, my Friend, and my King. Amen.

That our daughters may be as pillars,
Sculptured in palace style… Psalm 144:12
Happy are the people whose God is the LORD! Psalm 144:15


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